Adopted • Vizsla / Basset Hound / Mixed, Fawn Female Dog


MediumYoung FemaleDog

Vizsla / Basset Hound / Mixed, Fawn

Born 1/2009


I am called Amelia Earhound because I was a traveller, and well, look at my ears! I was running, running on the streets, out all by myself when this lady stopped and called me over. She looked friendly enough, and since I had recently been hit by a car and had blood on my several parts of my body, I figured I needed some help. She opened her car door and in I jumped, and quickly got settled into that front seat. She called the numbers on my collar, but the numbers were disconnected. I could have told her that my people just left me.

Now, I am much better, all healed up, and not limping any more where that car hit me. I love going on walks, and I'm a very good leash walker, I never pull. I just learned how to sit, too, and I get treats when I look up, sit pretty, and wink my pretty eyes at my foster mom.

I live with other dogs and I like them all - the bigs ones and the small one. I even can handle cats. I like all the people I meet too. I'm a go along to get along kind of a doggie. I'm young, so I still like to romp and chew, I just need someone to give me good rules and to make sure I get some exercise and fun.

My foster mom says I'm terrific, won't you check me out?

Amelia is in a foster home, not at the shelter. If you have questions or would like to see Amelia, contact

P.S. I have a big head for my body, and currently weigh only 33 lbs, but I should probably weigh about 5 lbs more.
Good with cats
Good with dogs
Good with kids