Adopted • Labrador Retriever / Mixed, Black with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut Male Dog



Dallas and his two littermates were found at a car wash. A customer noticed something stirring from the corner of his eye. As he approached, he realized they were puppies just a few days old. They were brought to the shelter where they were bottle raised by one of our employees.

Two of our munchkins have been adopted. Now it is Dallas’ turn. He enjoys his extended family at the shelter, but really, really wants a family all to his own. He has waited a long time.

Since we raised him, we think he is handsome and special, and quite honestly, these photos do not do him justice. He is much cuter than he looks, but the camera makes him nervous. He is a very loving, carefree, and sweet dog. If you are looking for something to fill up your time and your life, please stop by the shelter to meet Dallas. You won't go home empty handed.
Good with dogs
Good with kids