Adopted • Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier / Mixed, Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White) Male Dog



This is Bolden, and he is one of the "Jazz Septet" puppies. His mom was a 15 - 20 lb terrier mix (not sure about the dad). Mom dog "Ella" had 7 puppies: 5 male and 2 female. Five of the puppies have no or stubby tails and 2 have long tails. They are all very cute! The puppies will need to be at least 9 weeks old before adoption and will need to be eating solid food. Please be patient with us if there is a delay in their eventual placement as we want to ensure they are healthy and ready. Also, please note, that puppies not sterilized prior to adoption *must be* sterilized for the adoption to be finalized. We will provide you with a sterilzation coupon and will follow up on the procedure.

**** The puppies will attend their first adoption event on 1/16/10. If you are intersted in one of our Jazz Septet Pups, either send in your application before attending the adoption event or fill it in and bring it with you. We expect a lot of applications on the pups ******

About Bolden:

Bolden is a big boy who loves to play with people, his brother and sister, and his toys. He has gorgeous markings on his face, half white and half black, which makes him very handsome!

Bolden is in a foster home and is not at the shelter. To find out more about Bolden including where you can meet him, contact

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