Adopted • Boxer / Shepherd / Mixed, Brindle with White Female Dog


MediumAdult FemaleDog

Boxer / Shepherd / Mixed, Brindle with White

Born 05/2006


Ms. Brindle was found abandoned in the country with three littermates. They were brought to the city and given the care they required until old enough to be adopted. Now it is Ms. Brindle's turn.

Her foster mom says she is a very special dog. She has never growled or bared her teeth. Food can be removed from her mouth and she will remain docile. On occasion, when she is scolded for doing something she should not do, she rolls over on her back with all four legs in the air. She loves toys, but tears them to shred. She has been given a large hard plastic ball to play with. She runs with it and throws it to herself! She is a bit exuberant and will need someone who can keep up with her. Obedience training would be beneficial. She is kennel trained and has house manners. She has never had an accident in the sunroom where she spends her nights.

Ms. Brindle, most of all is a love and a good girl! - just still a puppy. In case anyone is curious about her lineage, we have been told her mother was a German Shepherd and there had been sightings of a male brindle Boxer visiting mom.