Adopted • Labrador Retriever Male Dog


LargeAdult MaleDog

Labrador Retriever

Born 02/2006

TOBY has been ADOPTED!

Toby, a Lab and God knows what mix, was found wandering the neighborhood: tired, dehydrated and hungry. It is believed he was abandoned and left to survive on his own. A kind couple took him in for the night to feed him and let him cool down from the heat. He was brought to one of our local municipal shelters in hopes he had an owner out there looking for him. Sadly, the poor guy was not claimed within the 72 hours and the shelter had no other option but to... The same couple could not bear it and saved him from eternal rest. Unfortunately, they cannot keep him in a small apartment.

Toby is very friendly with people and other dogs. He seems to be a bit of a cat hunter, so we would not recommend sharing his life with a feline. He has a very playful nature about him, but is also a very mellow fellow. He is a very sweet pooch who just wants to play and be loved. As you can tell from the photo, he enjoys his naps. He is a highly intelligent dog, learning new commands daily. He is also a good leash walker and is house trained.
Prefers no cats