Adopted • Pomeranian / Mixed, Black Female Dog


SmallYoung FemaleDog

Pomeranian / Mixed, Black

Born 07/13/2004


Mitzi was brought to a local shelter as a stray and a soon to be mother. She was placed in foster care until her puppies were old enough to be adopted. Then it was Mitzi’s turn. She was brought home by a loving family for one month, who unfortunately, could not keep her because their four year old son developed allergies to her fur.

They report that she adapted very well to living in a house. She seems particularly comfortable on the couch and on beds. At night she likes to sleep under her guardian’s bed. She is crate trained and when she wants to go outside, she goes to the door and wags her tail. She likes to run, chase squirrels, and will even try to follow them up the trees.

Mitzi has interacted well with small children. She plays with other dogs, but we do not know about cats. She likes to give sloppy kisses. She is responsive to corrections to her behavior. Being a Pomeranian mix, she enjoys being brushed. She has silky long black hair and a fluffy tail. She sounds like a jewel, which she is!