Adopted • Chihuahua, Tan Female Dog


SmallAdult FemaleDog

Chihuahua, Tan

Born 2003


Peyton is an ivory colored Chihuahua who was turned in by her owner because she no longer wanted her. There was nothing at the shelter that pleased Peyton. She was most unhappy about her change of life style. Her way of expressing her displeasure was to stay away from everyone and to nip the person who tried to pick her up.

She was even more pitiful than her friend Pixie who entered our program the same day. The two girls were sent to a foster home where they are receiving a lot of attention and most importantly lots of love. Peyton has made a 180 degree turn. She has settled in quite comfortably in her temporary home. She enjoys the company of adults. Cats are OK, but she much prefers to romp around with dogs her size. She is quite affectionate. Watches TV on the couch next to one of her new human friends. She has been enrolled in a Finishing School for Girls with her friend Pixie. She is smart; therefore, making good progress.

Peyton is a pocket size companion who will enrich your life.