Adopted • Miniature Pinscher, Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn Male Dog



Skipper is a Miniature Pinscher (Min Pin) who is active and feisty but still knows how to be loving. Though energetic, Skipper is an ideal an apartment dog. He loves being on walks and would need daily exercise, living either in a house or in a high-rise. He walks well on the leash and is interested in the action occurring around him.

Skipper shares his living quarters with a 30 lb dog and a 45 lb dog. He gets along great with both of them. He'll even run around the yard with the bigger dog, but he can get into places she can't! Skipper is learning his dog manners and sits on command. He does not bark for fun, just when the situation calls for it. When he's tuckered out from his walks, he finds a comfy place to lay in and naps. He likes to follow his foster mom around the house, but is not clingy at all. Skipper will sit on the couch with his foster mom and nest in her arms. His foster mom said "he's the best foster dog I have ever had!"

Skipper is an easy-going, friendly dog, looking for his "Gilligan". Gilligan's Island, get it. ;)
Good with cats
Good with dogs
Good with kids