Adopted • Border Collie / Mixed, Black Female Dog


Young FemaleDog

Border Collie / Mixed, Black

Meet Cayenne...
Cayenne and Chile were found in a field where a dog pack has been residing. Both are very well socialized which leads us to believe they were abandoned. Both pups are littermates with great personalities. Cayenne, the female, appears to be a Border Collie mix, black wavy fur, with a white stripe down her forehead to her nose, along with matching white paws and chest. Her brother, Chile, is built more like a gundog, a Pointer perhaps. He has short white fur with tan spots on his back.

They are very mouthy at this age, which means they love to bite down on chews, play with stuffed toys which they tear apart with great glee because they are teething. They jump on each other and other puppies, roll around with great abandon. At this age, all they want is to have fun and a human parent to nurture them and give them a lot of affection.