Adopted • Tabby, Gray Female Cat


Clementine was born some time in 2003 and was abandoned by her owner when she was evicted from her apartment. Clementine had to fend for herself for several weeks until someone noticed her. She has adjusted very well to her foster situation. She enjoys human companionship and loves to be petted. Clementine's motor revs up and she right away makes biscuits. She is talkative and also enjoys human food. (Maybe her previous owner fed her table scraps.)

Clementine is a pretty tabby, a soft dove grey color. Depending how the light shines on her fur, one can see beautifully evenly spaced stripes. At times she appears to be of a solid color. She has pretty yellow/green eyes. Clemie is requesting a home without cats. She wants to be the sole recipient of one's affection. She becomes instantly jealous of other felines. She is unafraid of dogs and gets along with them well. So, if you are looking to enrich your life with only one cat, Clemie should be the one.
Prefers no cats
Good with dogs
Good with kids