Adopted • Calico / Tortoiseshell / Mixed Female Cat


MediumSenior FemaleCat

Calico / Tortoiseshell / Mixed

Born 9/1996


Flora was taken from the Second Chance shelter when they planned to close their doors. She was one of 20 rescued that day from a shelter going out of business. She is a little shy, but responds to gentle strokes and a generous bowl of canned food.

She is one our our senior citizens and a sanctuary girl. Only available to the most special
homes. Is that yours?

Sanctuary pet

Flora is one of our sanctuary pets. These pets are all adoptable to the right person, but they either have very special needs or have spent all their lives in the shelter and would find it difficult to relocate now. If you are interested in them, the best way to help is by donating time or money to their care - becoming their guardian angel.

Please see our guardian angel program for information.
Good with cats
Good with dogs
Prefers no kids