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JAKE has been ADOPTED!


Jake is a purebred German Shepherd born in November 2000. He was found in the street, abandoned and showed signs of physical abuse. He was taken to a veterinarian's office by a kind passer-by. Unfortunately, the lady who found Jake was not in a position to adopt him.

After several years at our shelter, Jake is in a desperate need for the comforts of a home. (He was adopted for a short while, until his caretaker was involved in a near fatal car accident. Jake came back to live at the shelter.) His joints are beginning to hurt him. On some days he walks with a slight limp. He is seeking a single person who will treat him as his/her only child. Jake has a very protective instinct and bonds with one owner. (No children, dogs or cats, please.) Once Jake recognizes a friend, his loyalty is unwavering. Because Jake is so intelligent and powerful, with a guarding ability, he will require someone with experience in properly channeling his potential.

Sanctuary pet

Jake is one of our sanctuary pets. These pets are all adoptable to the right person, but they either have very special needs or have spent all their lives in the shelter and would find it difficult to relocate now. If you are interested in them, the best way to help is by donating time or money to their care - becoming their guardian angel.

Please see our guardian angel program for information.

Special needs
Prefers no cats
Prefers no dogs
Prefers no kids