Adopted • Shepherd / Mixed, Black Male Dog


MediumAdult MaleDog

Shepherd / Mixed, Black

Born 2003


Montgomery was found abandoned and tethered to a chain link fence behind a dumpster. He was in a debilitated state of health for several weeks. He was extremely thin under his matted fur. One could feel his rib cage and his hip bones protruding. He obviously had had very little to eat for several months. His heartworm problem also contributed to his overall poor physical condition. He has been treated for heartworm, vaccinated and neutered. He has gained his weight back and his thick black fur glistens. He has become a handsome adult.

Over time Montgomery has become a true gentleman. He very seldom barks. He never jumps on people. He enjoys being in the company of people in a quiet way, never pushes himself on anyone. He gets along with other dogs, but they are not a necessity in his life. He draws the line when it comes to cats. Sorry NO CATS.

Monty is a rare pearl. His beauty is beyond fur deep. Whoever adopts him will have a very special friend. Gentle and loving.
Prefers no cats
Good with dogs
Good with kids