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Beagle / Mixed

Rosie will be a very loyal friend for a single lady without children. She is in such need of attention, that she does not want to share her life with another dog. A cat could be alright. She has such a zest for life! She usually wears a smile on her face.

Rosie was born in February 1995 and she loves long walks, smelling every flower, sniffing every scent. But what she loves the most, are CAR RIDES! She sits in the front passenger seat and watches the scenery unfold in front of her eyes, until so tired, she curls up in a ball and falls into a deep sleep. As a special treat, a volunteer takes her first for a car ride, then they go for a walk in a park. Rosie will let you know when it is time to get back to the car. She will stop walking, turn to look at you with that special look that says "enough, let's go to Wendy's". Rosie has developed a taste for hamburgers. As they pull up to the drive- in window, Rosie reads over the menu one more time, there may be a new item she had not noticed, but always orders the same thing: a Junior Bacon/Cheese Burger. Some days she might have a preference for Chicken Nuggets. She starts off her meal with a drink of ice water from a cup. She eats everything except for the tomatoes and the lettuce. She has excellent table manners. Washes everything down with more water. With a full stomach, she is now ready to return to the shelter.

Do not attempt to take her to her run before walking her around the block! She wants to make certain she is aware of the latest news by smelling every blade of grass. Only then, will she consent to be brought back. Rosie is asking for very little. Aside from the walks and the car rides, she is perfectly happy being home, on the couch watching television or on the floor with her chew toys.

She enjoys curling up at night on the bed with one of our volunteers when they have a slumber party, and dream of the day she will be adopted. If someone could open her heart to Rosie, she would have a loyal and affectionate companion. She is a perfect lady. (She is housetrained.)
Special needs
Prefers no cats
Prefers no dogs
Prefers no kids