Adopted • Doberman Pinscher Male Dog


LargeSenior MaleDog

Doberman Pinscher

Born 05/01/1995


There is something about a homeless senior dog that breaks one's heart-and such is the case with Bruno, a red Doberman Pinscher, who was brought to his vet to be euthanized. The reason is unclear. The kind-hearted veterinarian felt that this dog deserved another chance. He was brought to Dog and Kitty City, and this is where a new chapter in his life begins.

As you can imagine, the world as he knew it has changed overnight. As a senior dog, he needs more comfort than what living in a dog run can provide. He has been accustomed to being indoors all these years, sleeping in a soft bed, and living in a temperature-controlled environment-luxuries which, unfortunately, we cannot provide at the shelter. For this reason, we are looking for a foster home for Bruno, in addition to a permanent one too.

Bruno's prior owner praised him for being a wonderful animal, good with dogs, cats, and children. He is also very gentle and affectionate.

There is no prediction how much longer Bruno will live. But he is worth the emotional investment, however long or short the relationship will last. He is a very noble dog who will enrich the time you and he will have together. The sooner someone steps forward to give him that special loving home, the more time you will have to spend with each other.
Good with kids