Adopted • Labrador Retriever / Mixed Female Dog


LargeBaby FemaleDog

Labrador Retriever / Mixed

Born 4/2006


Dakota was brought to the shelter by someone who found her running the streets of Dallas. She adjusted immediately to her new surroundings. She was quickly welcomed by another puppy named Cheyenne, who has been a resident of the shelter since early May. The two are precious to observe together. Dakota, who is twice the size of Cheyenne, will jump on her, trip over her, roll on the ground until Cheyenne, who is older, says enough and takes control of the situation.

Dakota, a Lab mix, LOVES the water. As you can see from the pictures, she will try anything to get wet. Needless to say, she was so cute on that day....dunking her whole body in a bucket of water. She has a great personality, and is easy to be with. She still has a lot to experience in life. She has been living at the shelter since she was 6-8 weeks old.
Good with kids