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Everest and his two sisters, who have since been adopted, were dropped in a dog run at Dog and Kitty City. For some unexplainable reason, Everest is still waiting for his permanent home. He is an Akita who was born in July 2005 and, when he reaches full maturity, will weigh about 100 lbs or more. He is very affectionate and loyal which are characteristics of the breed. Akitas prefer human company to that of other animals. Everest being a puppy is playful and curious about everything. Because he is highly intelligent, of great strength and endurance, his caretaker must channel these attributes by enrolling him early in obedience training. It would be recommended that Everest be the only dog or one of two dogs in the household - the other being a female, and cats are discouraged. Because of the size of an Akita, it would be best if the children in the household were 12 years or older. Everest will require moderate exercise and should adjust well to apartment living with daily walks.
Prefers no cats
Prefers no dogs
Good with kids