Adopted • Shiba Inu / Eskimo Dog / Mixed Female Dog


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Shiba Inu / Eskimo Dog / Mixed

Nancy is a new addition to the Dog and Kitty City family. She's a very sweet girl, and just beautiful. She's white all over, and may have some white Shiba Inu, American Eskimo dog, or white Finnish Spitz somewhere in her background. She's a rather demur girl, and very calm. She's a little uncertain about new people, places, and dogs, but once she realizes everything is fine, she relaxes. Of course, we don't know her past, but we think she hasn't spent a lot of time around other dogs. She'd be a great companion for a single person who wants a laid back companion with which to share their life. She's very low-key, and will probably not require an active home.
Good with kids