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Coonhound / Mixed

Senta is an affectionate and well-adjusted dog. She'll make a great companion, but she's confident and comfortable enough to be on her own at times too. She loves to run around big yards, but she's not hyper and demanding. She interacts very well with people, and everyone who meets her just loves her. She gets along with most dogs, and will chase cats, but I don't believe she'd ever harm one. She is also crate trained, and is about the only dog I've ever seen who feels comfortable enough to sleep at an adopt-a-pet. She can be boisterous at times, and like most dogs, Senta will benefit from a basic training class. She might be a bit TOO MUCH DOG for someone with small children, though she's never shown any dislike for them. Senta is between 2 - 3 years old, spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. I believe she is an English Coonhound and Bluetick hound mix.

To learn more about caring for a coonhound, please visit , or, or one of the many online sites that can be found by searching for "hounds", or "coonhounds".
Good with kids