Adopted • Golden Retriever / Border Collie / Mixed Male Dog


Torino was born September 2004 and is a handsome, buff-colored Golden Retriever/Border Collie mix. He is a sweet and gentle dog who is affectionate toward people he knows, but reserved toward strangers. Because he is a little shy and insecure at times, we think he must have lived a very isolated existence-one without much interaction, and few exposures to the world around him.

Nonetheless, we believe Torino will make a great addition to any household. He needs a home that will help him regain his confidence in human companionship, and help him learn new experiences. Because of his shyness, he should be in a home without small children, as he may misinterpret their natural innocence and enthusiasm. So far, there has been no cause for alarm regarding his relationship with cats.
Good with kids