Adopted • Tabby, Orange Male Cat


LargeAdult MaleCat

Tabby, Orange

Born 03/25/2002

TUBO has been ADOPTED!

Tubo is an orange male cat with white socks. He was found several years ago on the side of a country road with his littermates. They were rescued by a driver who kept them at her house until weaned. She fell in love with Tubo and kept him until she became ill. He's better now, but came to live at the shelter about a year ago.

Tubo is very special and very people oriented. He just loves to be with people! If not given attention, he'll do all he can to get it, and make someone notice him. He is not a wall flower. He enjoys being petted and appreciates being spoken to. He stands out because of that need for human contact.
Good with kids