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Boxer / Mixed

Yahtzee is a boxer mix. She was a little brown bag of bones curled up in the dirt on the side of the road shivering. She was too scared to even stand up for her rescuer. The rescuer asked some man about her and he said she had been laying there for at least a week. He picked her up and put her in the car. Off to the vet she went. She had every kind of parasite you could think of, including mange.(non contagious) She has been fully vetted and put on heart worm treatment. She has started the mange oral treatment. She tries to play with other dogs, but she stumbles since she is still weak. She's a total sweetheart. She hasn't used the restroom at all in the house and she is perfectly content sleeping in the crate. She is sweet with dogs and always wants to be laying on them or near them. She would be GREAT with children. She knows how to use a doggie door and is crate trained. When taken for walks she minds without a leash. At night she still cries, but it's getting better.

Her rescue vet would prefer she stay in the Dallas area if possible. He is also willing to talk to the adoptive person/family when a decision is made. She has been spayed and up to date on all shots and heartworm preventative.
Good with kids