Adopted • Boxer / Labrador Retriever / Mixed Female Dog


MediumYoung FemaleDog

Boxer / Labrador Retriever / Mixed

Born 08/2007


And just when we thought we had accomplished our task, surprise! A third sister! Brook and River had joined their extended family at the shelter, when a few days later, in the same field, another puppy was noticed foraging for food. With a lot of luck and patience, Raine was brought to the shelter. All three dogs were so happy to be together again.

Raine is the shyest of the three. She does not come freely to someone, but will let herself be picked up and be loved on. She is a sweetie, just like her two sisters. Foster care will help her be better socialized. Living a free life in a field to moving into a home where there are expectations, is a bit daunting. She will quickly learn to behave in a home just like her two sisters. Stay tuned, we will update you on her progress.

Ah, you wonder what breed she is? She looks more like Brook. Boxer with a bit of Lab with lots of something else. She is priceless, one of a kind.
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