Adopted • Dachshund / Terrier / Mixed, Tan Male Dog


SmallYoung MaleDog

Dachshund / Terrier / Mixed, Tan

Born 12/2007


Sweet Confetti! Another little guy that no one wanted anymore, but that’s OK, because he will be someone’s best pal one day. That person will be very fortunate to receive his love and affection. He is a mix of possibly Dachshund and Terrier. He will be a perfect apartment size.

He was either born with a defective right front leg or perhaps there was some sort of trauma in his much younger life. The vet said that he should have a normal life, because it had healed and Confetti does not appear to be hindered by this deformity which is most minor.

He is a little lovebug who deserves the best. As everyone knows,animals with a slight handicap make them most endearing. And we can confirm that Confetti is a special little dog.