Adopted • Beagle, Tricolor (Tan/Brown & Black & White) Male Dog



Buckley is a dog social pooch who loves to be with "friends". He gets along with almost all dogs, in fact, he's much happier with a friend than by himself.

He likes going on walks, car rides and going to get chicken nuggets. We sometimes think he's part seal because he will jump in the kiddie pool, lay in it and then stick his whole head in the water. He has so much fun splashing around and it's hard not to smile and laugh when you see it.

Buckley knows how to sit and will come running when his name is called. He recently went on a pool trip and a trip to the White Rock Lake Dog Park and has so much fun. He has never met a dog he didn't like. He has a very easy going and friendly temperament. Nothing bothers this sweetie pie.

He is still young and will need some guidance and patience from his new owners. On his sleepover night, he learned how to use the doggie door and didn't have any accidents in the house.

Buckley has long, soft ears that feel like a comfy chenille blankie. And the black eye liner around his eyes makes him look so dreamy.

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Good with dogs
Good with kids