Adopted • Terrier / Mixed, White with Tan, Yellow or Fawn Male Dog


SmallYoung MaleDog

Terrier / Mixed, White with Tan, Yellow or Fawn

Born 02-2008


Oy Vay, as they say! I'm a cute little pupper, not even half a year old, and I am in a shelter? How does that happen? I'm good looking, energetic, and fun and I'm here? What, do I need to have "papers" or something like that? Well, let me tell you, I like all kinds of dogs, and people, and generally just having fun. I'm just a kid, so you can't expect perfection out of me yet, but I'm working on it and you won't be let down. In fact, I've learned how to sit and I'm a very fast learner.

I'm adorable looking and I have super soft fur. Give me a chance, will ya?

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Campbell was on TV! Watch his debut on M&J Show.
Good with dogs
Good with kids