Adopted • Spitz / Mixed Male Dog


MediumAdult MaleDog

Spitz / Mixed

Born 2005


Foxer was found lying in the shade of a tree in someone's backyard. It was mid summer. When approached, he was most receptive to the person who offered him water and a friendly smile. Upon getting closer, it was most noticeable that Foxer had been in the streets for quite some time. After being cleaned up, placed on a good diet, Foxer is doing much better and is now looking for his permanent home.

He is a very friendly animal and very intelligent. He will require a tall fence, because Foxer "trained for the high jump in his past". He enjoys the company of other dogs and is most gentle with cats. He is part of the Spitz family with a hint of Chow in him. He is a true pleasure to share time with.
Good with cats
Good with dogs