Adopted • Chihuahua, Tan Female Dog


SmallAdult FemaleDog

Chihuahua, Tan

Born 06/2005


Tulla is a love bug of a doggie. She has many moods as you can see in her pictures - her joyous mood and her more calm mood too. But, it doesn't matter what mood she's in, she wants to be with you and enjoys getting attention and being a big flirt! If you stop petting Tulla, and she really wants more pets, she will throw her body up against yours and roll onto her tummy and give you big, pleading "more" eyes. But, she'll stop if you're not in the mood too.

Tulla knows how to "sit", "shake", and "spin" and is making good progress on her house training. Tulla takes a little time to warm up to new people, but once she does, she is faithful little pooch. Tulla loves to go on walks and enjoys fetching her green frog from down the hallway. She greets her foster mom home from work with great enthusiasm and also likes to snuggle on the couch. She loves treats and gets very excited and eager at dinner time. Tulla has wonderfully fun expressive ears that pop up and down.

Tulla is a little shy and cautious around strangers. As such, she would probably do better with an owner who has experience with Chihuahuas.

Click here, or paste this link into your browser, to see Tulla's album: http://picasaweb.google.com/wnpatrod/20080720Tulla?authkey=SyEExKXSqP0

Tulla is in a foster home, if you'd like to see her, contact patrod@sbcglobal.net

Note - Tulla's special need relates to the fact that she has mild congestive heart failure. She's on medication that lets her be active and have fun. She still has many years ahead of her.

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