Adopted • Shepherd / Mixed Female Dog


MediumYoung FemaleDog

Shepherd / Mixed

DOB April 15, 2008

Sonoma was found at a construction site in a very dangerous location with 3 other siblings. Their mom is a brown, shepherd like dog about 45 lbs, but the dad dog is unknown.

Sonoma is a sweet dog and she likes to play with the other young dogs at the shelter. She likes being in the baby pool and running after the other dogs. She's curious too, sometimes liking to go off and sniff things on her own. She also likes to get attention from the humans that come and play with the dogs on Sundays. Sonoma has recently learned how to "sit" and is working on her "wait" and "shake" command. She's a fast learner and just needs to practice. She also walks well on the leash.

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