Adopted • Lhasa Apso / Brussels Griffon / Mixed Female Dog


SmallAdult FemaleDog

Lhasa Apso / Brussels Griffon / Mixed

Born 02/2007


Lucky came to our shelter with her brother Wallace. They used to live together in a fine house but something happened in their human's life and it required giving up the two pooches. So, they sadly left their home and are now with us.

Lucky is an energetic, outgoing dog. If she were a human, she would likely be the life of the party and the ring leader of all things, both good and bad! She's a big flirt and likely to snuggle up to you and look lovingly in your eyes upon meeting you. Lucky loves going on walks and getting tummy rubs.

Since Lucky and Wallace have always been together, we would like for them to be adopted as a pair. Think of it as twice the fun and love!
Good with dogs