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Terrier / Mixed

Blaze was found--like so many of the animals in our charge--as a stray on the streets of Dallas . Unlike so many though, Blaze does not appear to have been 'through the ringer.' He is quite healthy, and is a very well adjusted and goodnatured.

In fact, we think he is a truly wonderful dog as well. He is very agreeable, and you can pick him up, kiss and hug on him, hold his paws and tail, and even put your fingers in his mouth and ears. He is very receptive to affection, and has shown no aggression or fear towards people. He also does not lick you in the face, or jump on you--things that many people find undesirable in a dog. And best of all, he seems to have a very low to medium energy level. He would do fine in a home with a single person, a couple, or even a home with children.

He has been on walks and even in car rides, and has done very well. He has been around cats, and does not seem to mind them; but because he is a terrier, we recommend that should he go to a home with cats precautions be taken.

We believe that he is a wire-haired terrier mix. Although it does not show up well in these photos of him, he has an absolutely adorable slight scruffiness around the face and neck; and the fact that his coat is also brindled--which is not common with wire-haired dogs--makes him a unique and handsome dog as well.
Prefers no cats
Good with dogs