Adopted • Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler / Mixed, Merle Female Dog



This is Timmins, named after Mr. Timmins, an Australian, who in 1830 mixed the breeds British Smithfield Heelers with Dingoes. Over the years, Collies, Dalmatians, Sheepdogs and Kelpies were thrown into the mix to have today what is known as the Australian Cattle Dog or the Blue Heeler.

Timmins is a blue speckled Australian Cattle Dog mix, a sturdy and compact little dog with a dense coat. She has a face with ginger color markings. Her strip of white hair at the center of her forehead and chest are signs of her cattle-dog lineage.

This little dynamo is high energy with a very curious mind, a sign of great intelligence. Anyone interested in adopting Timmins, should understand that she requires exercise and a job to do – such as participating in dog sports, like dog agility or as an expert Frisbee catcher. Other outdoor activities are also great options – jogging, camping, long walks in nature, etc…. Due to her breed, a herding breed, she could be a nipper (though we have not seen this yet). This habit can be re-directed by providing Timmins with appropriate chew toys, like Kongs and hard bones, and proper training and handling.

This unique beauty was scheduled to be euthanized. We are so glad to have rescued her! She is a little gem who is affectionate and eager to please. She comes bounding, tail wagging, rolls on her back asking for attention. If you want a loyal friend, please come meet her. You will not regret it. Lonely, you no longer will be. Timmins, ever the loyal dog, will follow you wherever you go.

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