Adopted • Calico / Tortoiseshell, Calico or Dilute Calico Female Cat



MYLYLA was born on 2/26/2014. She and her 5 babies, Macie Gray, Marlowe, Marley, Milo, and Milky Way were brought to Dog & Kitty City by a lady who surrendered them because she did not quite know what to do with all of the little ones. We were able to find forever homes for the kittens, but Mylyla is still waiting patiently for her forever home.

Mylyla is a gorgeous bold calico/tortie with a striking face that would captivate anyone. She is a very friendly girl who loves attention and pets. She listens intently with her alert eyes when you talk to her and may give you a head butt, if she agrees with what you are saying. Mylyla is still a young kitty, and she likes to play, so please dangle a feather wand her way and engage her inner kitten !

Good with cats
Good with dogs
Good with kids